Q&A: Mrs. Kristina Collard, English


Mrs. Collard, English, joins the NTeens club as the new sponsor. Collard has thrown many dances, like prom, in the past at her other school.

Jona Rivera, Echo Co-Editor-in-Chief

   Q: How do you feel about being the new sponsor?

   A: “I’m excited, I like being able to help plan the Winter Formal dance and I feel lucky that I was able to get an extra-curricular here so that I’m able to meet more students other than the ones just in my class.” 


   Q: What past experiences have you had with other clubs?

   A: “I did Junior Class Council, where we would put on the prom every year. I’ve done dances before, for about ten years. I’ve done Academic Super Bowl for English and I’ve been a yearbook and newspaper sponsor.” 


   Q: What are your goals/expectations for NTeens? 

   A: “I want the kids to meet new people. I want them to have a fun club to be able to express themselves in and make new friends.” 


   Q: What has your favorite event you’ve organized been? 

   A: “I love doing the prom. It’s stressful, there’s a lot that goes into it, and it feels like I’m planning a wedding every year, but I love it.” 


   Q: What is your favorite part about working with teens?

   A: “[Teenagers] always keep me on my toes. I like learning all the new trends and everything new that comes up each year. I was not made for teaching kindergarten or middle school, I don’t think I could do it. But I like that I get to work with semi-adults and see them grow into adults. I also love seeing [teenagers] learn things that they’ve never learned. Sometimes I do an activity in class that blows [the students’] minds and it’s the best feeling ever.” 


   Q: What impact do you hope to make on the club?

   A: “I hope that we can get the kids involved in more service opportunities. I’d love to see how many people we can help on a yearly basis. And of course, to put on a successful dance.” 


   Q: What is your favorite part about organizing big events?

   A: “I like coming up with a theme for the dance and then seeing it all come together in the end. I like it when [the students] walk into the [banquet hall] and are astonished by how it all came together.”


   Q: How has planning Winter Formal been?

   A: “Great, I think it went pretty smooth. I think we’re pretty much done planning everything major. We just have to get ticket sales, which I’m a little nervous about. My past dances have been about 350 people, but Winter Formal is reaching to about 900 people. But other than that, it should be pretty smooth.” 


   Q: Why did you want to be the new NTeens sponsor?

   A: “I think the spot was open, and since I had past experience, the board thought I would be a good match for it. I was excited that they gave me the opportunity for the position.” 


   Q: How does sponsoring a service-based club affect you as a person?

   A: “I feel like this is a new experience for me because everything I’ve done in the past has been somewhat like putting out a product. For example, with newspaper, we put out an issue. For Junior Class Council, we just threw a dance. But with this, it’s not like there’s a product, it’s more of a continual thing that lasts all year round.”