Review: Countdown


How much time do you have left?

Avery Robinson, Print Staff

   Opening the movie Countdown, teenagers are shown downloading an app, called, you guessed it, ‘Countdown.’ The whole point of the app is to reveal the user’s supposed time of death. Though it seems ridiculous, the main character, Quinn (Elizabeth Lali), quickly realizes it is not. She is predicted to have a bit over three days to live, having the shortest time of the group.  

   This horror film is a fresh concept that has not been done before.  With an exciting and unexpected twist at the end, along with a few jump scares, Countdown will leave you on the edge of your seat. However, there are a few bits of humor included in the movie, mostly portrayed by the tech guy (Tom Segura) and Father John (P.J. Byrne).

   If you go on the Apple app store, you can download this app for the kick of it. Though, some are sensible and don’t even want to mess with the possibility of knowing their fate. I know I won’t be downloading this app, due to the anxiety of constantly waiting and checking how much time is left.

   Overall, the movie is a great scare that will indulge its viewers. It shows viewers the importance of family and how strong the bond of sisterhood is. Next Tuesday, if you’re at home not doing anything, consider going to see Coundown at AMC theaters for only $5.