Opinion Story: Jojo Rabbit


Jojo Rabbit was released on Oct. 18, 2019. The film was directed by Taika Waititi.

Alex Nicolaou, LCTV Staff

Taika Watitis’ latest movie, Jojo Rabbit, based on Christine Leunens’ book Caging Skies was an absolute treat to watch.  Walking into the theater thinking I am going to see a comedy movie and then leaving with my cousin crying was a complete shock.  The movie takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II. The protagonist, Johannes “Jojo” Betlzer (Roman Griffin Davis), is a 10-year-old German boy who lives with his frequently absent mother, Rosie Betzler (Scarlett Johansson), and aspires to become a personal Nazi guard for Hitler himself. Always looking for guidance for being a good Nazi soldier, Jojo turns to his imaginary friend who is none other than the Führer himself played ironically by Taika Watiti (a Jewish American). 

While at home alone, Jojo discovers a Jew living in the walls of his late sister’s room; which for an impressionable, 10-year-old Nazi is a giant red flag. He’s shocked after talking to the Jew (Elsa) that Jews are normal people just like him instead of what the stories said, making Jews sound like monsters. He has a change of heart and has an internal struggle on whether or not to keep his Nazi soldier wannabe act going or give in to what is actually right.

The contrast between the comedic and the melancholic parts makes them even more depressing. The versatility Roman Griffin Davis has as a young actor starring in his first film was impeccable. The use of music in this film was very fitting for the film, but is questionable for a movie about WWII (To start the film off, they had a German translated version of I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles).

Overall, I would give this film a 10 out of 10.  It was very enjoyable to watch with all of its twists and turns that make you feel for the characters. It’s funny, heartwarming, unexpected,  heartbreaking and emotional. Jojo Rabbit is a must see.