Q&A: Kayla Garza (10)


Kayla Garza (10) sits on a diving board after her first meet. She is new to the team and to diving as a sport.

Jackson Novak, Design Editor

Q: Why did you decide to join the diving team?

   A: “I was told by friends on the swim and dive team that it would be a good idea since I have a tumbling background.”


   Q: Are you enjoying the season so far?

   A: “I am having a fun season even though it is challenging.”


   Q: Do you have any prior experience with diving?

   A: “I have no prior experience in diving.”


   Q: What is your favorite part of being on the dive team so far?

   A: “My favorite part so far is the new friends I’ve made on the team.”


   Q: What are some of your personal goals for the season?

   A: “My personal goal for this season is to get all the required dives.”


   Q: What are some goals for the dive team as a whole?

   A: “As a whole, I hope we can become one of the stronger teams in the area.”


   Q: Do you feel that the team gets enough representation at Lake Central?

   A: “I don’t think we’re getting left out, I just don’t believe many people are aware of the dive team.”


   Q: What is something new you have learned from being on the team?

   A: “I have overall learned all the types of dives this season.”


   Q: What would you say to someone who is interested in joining the team?

   A: “Make sure you won’t be scared to try new things.”


   Q: Are you going to stay on the team next year?

   A: “I will base next year’s choice on how my first season goes.”