Q&A: Cara Eklund (11)


Lilly Schroeder

Q: How has the track season affected your work ethic?

A: “I have to have better time management when it comes to homework once the six days a week practices start.”


Q: How has track helped you meet new people?

A: “I met some of my best friends through track and everyone is close with each other.”


Q: What is the most memorable moment for you in track? 

A: “The second I realized that I was going to state because it felt like all the hard practices were finally worth it.”


Q: How do you feel after a meet?

A: “Worn out but happy that with however we did.” 


Q: What is a personal goal?

A: “To make it to state again this year”


Q: Are you going to continue your track carrier after high school?

A: “As of right now it is not in my plan, but I guess I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to go without it.”


Q: What is your event, how did you decide that you were going to do that?

A: “Hurdles and 4×100. I did hurdles in eighth grade and realized I was good so I continued to get better in high school and go to regionals for it. I also did the 4×100 in middle school and went to state my sophomore year.”


Q: How would you describe the teams relationship?

A: “Great. Everyone is super close with everyone.”


Q: What do you do in the summer to prepare for the upcoming season?

A: “2 or 3 times a week in the summer we meet at the school and have summer practices.”


Q: How does it feel to be an upperclassman this season? 

A: “It’s nice to finally have the upper hand on people, and have a sense of greater responsibility.”