Q&A: Lucca Darak (10)


Mina Cardenas, Print Staff

Q: Where did you go on vacation?-

A: “I went to Peru.”

Q:  Why did you and your family go there?

A: “We went to see my family and sight see, who I haven’t seen for a while.”

Q: When did you and your family decide to go there?

A: “We decided over the summer to go together.”

Q:   How long did you and your family stay there?

A: “We stayed for about two weeks.”

Q: Are you from there?

A: “No, but my mom’s side of the family is from Peru.”

Q: Did you have family there?

A: “Yes, I have lots of family there that I am close with.”

Q:  What do people who live there like to do on a day-to-day  basis?

A: My family is from the main city so they do everything we do. But when I went to Cusco and Machu Picchu they have a very different way of living. There were lots of other tourists there with us though.”

Q: Out of all the activities you experienced while you were there, what was your favorite?

A: “Spending time with my family and going out to eat was fun.  Lots of good eats over there. I also got to play basketball there and it was so weird because I had to speak in spanish.”

Q: Was it your first time ever traveling there?

A: “No, this is my fifth time going to Peru.”

Q: Would you want to go back?

A: “Yes, of course. I hope I can go back soon.”

Q: What are some things you learned about local life there?

A:  “When I was in the villages, I learned that they do things a lot differently in Peru, so it made me appreciate what I have here back in the United States.”

Q: What was one thing that you would do differently if you went back?

A: “-I would definitely try and meet more locals and try and learn more Spanish.”

Q: Overall, how did you like your experience in a foreign country?

A: “I liked the experience. It’s very different flying internationally and having to speak a whole other language.  You learn the language, try many foods, go out a lot and interact with a lot of people. It was a very fun experience.  The only thing is, when I got here I was so happy to be home. My trip made me realize how different foreign countries are.”