Best buddies

Alyssa Klimowski, Print Staff

   Best Buddies is an inclusive club that meets every-other Tuesday after school. It involves one student with IDD (intellectual and developmental disability) being paired with another student. The president of Lake Central’s Best Buddies program is Elizabeth Haberling (12).

   “I’ve been a part of this program for a long time and I just love helping kids and watching them grow I guess. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it’s just like a passion and I love being able to help out their community to come into ours and feel welcome,” Haberling said.

   This meeting was about their upcoming fundraiser. They made and hung posters. The fundraiser is on December 10th at Panera Bread in Schererville. Bringing the flyer or showing an electronic version will give Best Buddies a portion of the proceeds from your order. 

   “We have a Panera Bread fundraiser coming up in December and all the proceeds that are getting donated are going straight to Best Buddies and that’s going to help us out with activities we want to go do, with the Best Buddies prom coming up, and also the Best Buddies walk in May,” Haberling said.

   Haberling will not be in the club next year because she is a senior. They encourage new students to join the club. Joining this club can show a different side of kids you see everyday. This club will teach you to be kind to everybody 

   “If you are not graduating, come and join next year because it’s a really amazing program to be a part of. It really teaches you how to interact with different types of people and it really shows you that they can be something more than what you see in the halls,” Haberling said.