Shooting for success

Tiffanie Richerme, Copy Editor

The Freshman boys basketball team defeated Crown Point on Monday, Dec. 2, after a close game. The players beat Crown Point 41-39 after entering a three minute overtime.

“I played in the A game. It went alright for the first two quarters and then we kind of struggled in the third and fourth quarters. [Crown Point] pressured us, and we got nervous and jittery,” Charlie Born (9) said.

Despite struggling in the second half of the game, the players worked together and collaborated with their coach to catch up to Crown Point. After scoring two free throws just before the final buzzer, the teams were in a tie. 

“We talked it over with Coach and he figured it out for us. We weren’t playing hard defense and we weren’t giving enough effort,” Born said.

The team then beat Crown Point by two points in a three minute overtime. Although the boys came close to a loss, the players stated that their season is going well so far.

“[The season] is going pretty good. Practices are hard, and we’re putting out hard work on the court. The team’s working pretty good together,” Born said.

The team hopes to continue practicing and improving throughout the season. Practices have not only furthered their ability, but they have also helped the team grow closer. 

“Giving everything you’ve got, rebounding and pushing the ball across the floor [are important]. We’ve got a lot of chemistry going because of the hard work in practices,” Born said.