Q&A: Gwen Schilling (10)


Gwen Schilling (10) speaks on the upcoming track season and new events. She is planning on continuing her event in hurdles, with the addition of pole-vaulting.

Eden Schilling, Photo Editor

Q: What do you expect to happen this season?

A: “I think that we will be pretty good this year. There’s lots of new people which is potential for new talent.  Some of the good seniors left last year, so hopefully we will be able to fill their spots and be as good as last year.”


Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: “My goals for 300 meter hurdles is to get around 48 seconds, and for pole vault, I’m just starting, so I’m hoping to get 10 feet.  Also, I’m hoping to go as far at regionals with my team.” 


Q: Are there going to be any changes from last year to this year?

A: “Yes, the seniors are gone, so we have to see if anyone can fill their shoes.  Also, we are weightlifting this year, and we didn’t last year.”


Q: What is your event this year?

A: “This year I’m starting to pole vault, and continuing from last year, I will be doing 300 meter hurdles.” 


Q: Do you think this year will be better than last year and why?

A: “I think this year will be better because we have so many good freshmen, and me personally, I’m doing a new event that is so fun.  I can’t wait for the away meets and staying in the hotels. I hope this year is just as good or better than last year.”