Fun and Funds at Panera

Luke Hamilton, Print Staff

On Tuesday, Dec.10, Best Buddies hosted a fundraiser through the restaurant, Panera Bread. Plenty of friends, families and students showed up to the restaurant to support.

“I think [the fundraiser] went really well. We had a great turn out of students, buddies, teachers and other attendees there. Everyone seemed to have a fun time by coloring, taking photos with one another and talking,” Elizabeth Haberling (12) said.

This was the second fundraiser the group did. Club officers, students and teachers value the importance of not only the club itself, but fundraisers as well. 

“Fundraising is so important because we do fundraisers so that we can raise money for our club activities, prom and the buddy walk at the end of the school year,” Mrs. Jackie Holden, English, said. 

Another reason that it is important for the club to do fundraisers is that it offers out-of-school time for students and their buddies. According to Ava Orueta (11), this is important because it creates a closer bond. 

“I feel that through outside activities like this, the students feel closer to their buddies and others in the club because it isn’t seen as some forced school participation. It is more of a real bond between buddies and their peers,” Orueta said.