Sketchbook Covers Reflect Students’ Personalities

There may be only sixteen students in Mrs. Maureen Yaeger’s Advanced 2D Art class, but each one of them is their own person.

“I don’t like when people ask me what makes me unique. I’m just me.” Lindsey Nevins (11) said.

What each one of them puts as their sketchbook cover will tell people who they are and help them get to know them. The covers will be drawings done by the students to show all who see them who they are. Some might be surprising.

“I’m down to earth and lovable like a little teddy bear. I want to be a tattoo artist,” Kassie Woodworth (11) said. “I’m using colored pencils because it makes it look more like a tattoo.”

Art is filled with all sorts of people, each with their own reasons for joining the class.

“I had such a great time in Art I. You get to color all class, its like when we were kids,” Makayla Morris (10) said.

It doesn’t matter who or what someone is, as long as they have a passion for art they will fit in.