Why You Should Practice Yoga During Finals


A woman practices a yoga pose. Yoga is a great stress reliever and can help students during finals week.

Hannah Kosinski, Director of Public Relations

 The finals season can be one of the most stressful times. With endless packets and trying to calculate a passing grade, it is easy to get caught up in a stress-storm of work and to-do lists. However, there are many options for de-stressing, yoga being one of them.

   Stress can have physical and mental tolls on the body. Yoga can help people de-stress because it relaxes your muscles and your mind. When the body is being overworked it can lead to poor performance, which is why it is important to set time aside and reset. While doing yoga mindfulness is being practiced. Mindfulness helps the body relieve stress and refocus its energy. As well as the mental benefits of yoga, there are physical benefits as well. Sitting, staring down at a book or notes and not being active are common side-effects of finals week. Doing yoga can help relieve any physical pain brought on by intense studying such as muscle strain in the neck, hand cramps, eye strains and soreness from sitting. 

   To start yoga mindfulness off sit in a relaxed upright position with eyes closed and deep breaths. Some helpful poses for stress are Big Toe, Boat, Cat and Cow, Happy Baby, Fire Log, Standing Forward Bend, Supported Shoulderstand, Child’s and Corpse.

   Another option would be to Youtube different videos for stress, there is a yoga Youtube video for anything. Many different durations are available. Hand in hand with yoga, meditation can be a good choice as well. Yoga can be done anytime of the day and as many times as needed. Starting and ending the day with yoga, or even in the middle of a study session often helps relieve much stress.