Lake Central varsity swim beats Highland

Mackenzie Guthrie, Print Staff

   On Dec. 5, the boys Varsity swim team swam in a meet against Highland, and won against them. With only 2 meets into the season, the team has started an undefeated streak.

   The boys have put in numerous hours of practice to make sure that they were prepared for their meet against Highland.  Their practices include lifting weights, sprints and distances and swimming nonstop. With all of the team’s hard work, they are able to prepare themselves for their meet against Highland, and for the rest of the season.

  “Our team is doing really good this year, we’re pulling off some amazing times considering how early it is in the season,” Joshua Burton (12) said.

   Along with the teamwork that each teammate puts into the sport, they also work by themselves to improve their own technique. Each meet is a chance for the swimmers to improve their technique.

   “I want to improve my technique by the end of the season by working hard at practices and really focusing on mainly my turns and breakouts,” Burton said.

   Even though the season is only beginning, the swimmers are getting ready for more swim meets to come, with their next swim meet being held on Dec. 10 against their biggest rival: Merrillville. 

   The swimmers were able to keep the momentum going through the whole meet, and were able to defeat Highland with an overall score of 144-34. This win was critical for the team to continue their winning streak. Good luck to the boys at their next meet against Merrillville!