Q&A: Kate Wojciechowski (10)


Bob Wojciechowski (88) waves at the camera on a family vacation to South Carolina. Wojciechowski is 100% Polish and shares his traditions among his family members.

Olivia Figg, Print Staff

Q: Who in your family is Polish?

A: “My Dad’s side of the family is Polish so we participate in the Polish culture a lot.”

Q: What are some Polish traditions?

A: “Every year for Christmas my family makes tons of homemade perogies and kolacki’s. The kolaczki has a bunch of different fillings and my family really enjoys eating them.” 

Q: Do any of your relatives travel to Poland frequently?

A: “My grandparents are always going to Poland. They try to visit a few times a year. My grandpa grew up there, so it really brings him back to a time when he was young.”

Q: Would u like to visit Poland one day? Why?

A: “Yes, I think it would be cool to see where my ancestors are from and to be exposed to my culture. I think I would really learn a lot.” 

Q: Why did your grandpa move from Poland to America?

A: “He saw it as a great opportunity. Poland was not thriving during the time he was moving so he thought the Americas would help him live a better life.” 

Q: Do you see being Polish as a good thing?

A: “Yes, Poland is a really special country and there are very good traditions. I find that Polish people are very proud of their culture, so I am glad to be a part of that.” 

Q: Will you implement Polish traditions to future generations?

A: “Yes, I am planning on making it a very important thing. I value Poland a lot and think that it is important for its culture to be passed down.”

Q: Do you think that being Polish brings your family closer together?

A: “Yes, because it gives us something in common, and getting to do all these traditions together is something really special. Like I said, Polish people are very proud, so it gives us something to relate to.”

Q: Does your family shop at any traditional Polish places for food?

A: “No, we usually don’t eat traditional Polish food except for around the Holidays. But when we do need need traditional Polish food, we just go to Strack and Van Til.” 

Q: Is there anything about you that shows that you are Polish?

A: “I typically have more tan skin, and my last name, Wojciechowski, is very polish. Most people can’t spell my last name, but some traditionally Polish people do not have trouble spelling it.”