Q&A: Tatum Damron (11)


Tatum Damron (11) watches the players anticipating their next move in the first game of the season against Crown Point. Her determination and skills quickly showed on the field as she protected the net and her team.

Allison Potpora, Web Content Editor

Q:How long have you been playing soccer?

A: “I have been playing soccer for 13 years.”

Q: What made you want to become a soccer player?

A: “I have just been playing soccer since I was young, and I’ve always had fun doing it so I stuck with it and became the player I am today.”  

Q: What aspects do you love about the sport?

A: “My favorite aspect of soccer is the rush you get just playing your position, so in my case the rush you get when you make a save or when your team scores and you are about to win a game.”  

Q:When did you start playing Varsity?

A: “I was on Varsity as a freshman, but I really started playing as a sophomore and I remember our first game against Crown Point and I was so nervous because it was actually my first time playing goalie at the Varsity level but I remember being so excited to get out there and play.”  

Q:  How many soccer-related camps have you gone to and what do you take out of them?

A: “I have been to 7 soccer camps and every time I go there I take something different out of it for my goalie position because they always teach me new stuff to learn and practice on my own.”  

Q:  Where do you want your soccer career to go?

A:  “For my soccer career, I want to play at the collegiate level and then after that I don’t want to play because then I will be focusing on my career.”

Q: What are you looking for in colleges and which ones are you interested in?

A: “I’m looking for colleges that have a good athletic program as well as a good academic program and also a college that will give me opportunities to play.”  

Q:  Who do you look up to for soccer and why?

A: “I look up to Hope Solo because she was such a good goalkeeper and I want to work like her and get good at my position.”