Far ahead

Caleb Chen, Print Staff

   On Friday, Dec. 3, the girls Varsity basketball participated in the Holiday Tournament. It was a home game held in the gymnasium. The girls won their first game against Lake Station High with a score of 83-48. Though winning their first game, the girls still had difficulties throughout the game. 

   “The most challenging thing about today’s game was making sure Taylor Austin, an opponent from the other team, saw through people at all times, just making sure we stopped her,”Taylor Jakish (12) said.

    Coach Joe Huppenthal was very happy with the outcome and the efforts the girls put in during the game. He believed they executed everything perfectly and did what they needed to do. 

    “We had a good scout on them and I think as a team, our execution was excellent. Offensively we hit spots that we needed to hit and it was a good deal. We did a fantastic job on that and forced them into some bad decisions/passes. I think our length bothered them on the inside and also we got some easy baskets/transitions, which helped us tremendously,” Coach Huppenthal said.