Science Olympiad meets to practice for upcoming competition


Noelle Massa (11) practices reactions for competition. She will be competing on Feb. 8 for regionals.

Olivia Figg, Print Staff

   Science Olympiad will be competing at a regional competition on Feb. 8. They meet every weekday and study various science-related subjects that will be fair game for competitions. Mrs. Mary Joan Martin, science, coaches Science Olympiad. 

   “I like coaching Science Olympiad because it is so outside the box. It pushes kids outside the classroom. I like to watch the kids successes and failures, because in the end they grow so much,” Martin said. 

   Students love that Science Olympiad is more than just basic science skills. It makes them think and ponder new thoughts. It is also an individually or partner-based club, so it teaches students how to be better leaders and be independent.

  “I am not a school person, but when it comes to Science Olympiad, it is something that is important to me. I like to expand my knowledge about things that don’t get covered in school,” Noelle Massa (11) said. 

   Along with the science aspect, many friendships are formed among students. Since they are together everyday and have to think together, many bonds form. 

   “I like the friendships that you form in this club. It’s unlike any other sports team or club because you’re constantly thinking together and bouncing ideas off of each other. You’re always on their side,” Phillip Kirk (11) said.