Swimming to success

Annika Gorney, Print Staff

   On Thursday, Jan. 23, the girls Varsity swim and dive team gathered to swim against their rivals from Munster High School.  The girls won against Munster with a final score of 101-85.

    “[It’s a] very fun environment, and it’s just been enjoyable to go out and see what everybody can do,” Paige Bakker (11) said.

   The team swims many events including 500 freestyle, 200 freestyle and the 100 butterfly.  While their events can change every meet, most of the girls have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to swimming.

    “I swim the 200 freestyle, the 500 freestyle and then usually relays,” Susanna Noonan (12) said.

   While the team is close, every year they lose many teammates.  These losses can affect the team in unknown ways.

   “We did lose a lot of girls, from whether they just didn’t want to swim anymore, they were seniors and they graduated, but we also got a lot of really new girls this year and it’s been a whole new environment,” Paige Bakker said.

   While your events for swimming change constantly, and you’re always getting new teammates, the team does not let this get to them.  Winning most of their meets in swim and dive, and winning DAC, they show that they are not phased.

   “ I think that we are doing amazing we’ve definitely improved a lot from the beginning of the season till now.” Christy Tham (12) said.