Securing the win

Andie Kalemba, Print Staff

   On Friday night, Jan. 24, the girls Varsity basketball team played against Valparaiso. This game was a Pink Out to support cancer research. The girls won with a score of 58-51.

   “I think the highlight of our game was the last point, which was passed to Taylor [Jaksich (12)] and she made the point and that secured the win,” Allison Mularski (12) said.

   Although they won, many of the girls believed that there were a lot of mistakes made throughout the game.

   “I think we communicated pretty well, but I definitely think we can do better. I think we need to take care of the ball better and that will help us a lot more in the games,” Amanda Blevins (10) said.

   The girls were ahead of their opponents the entire game. Although they won, they believe there is always room for improvements.

   “We try to communicate well on the court, to talk, to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing. In the future, we just have to make sure we stay together and make sure everybody does what they have to do,” Essence Johnson (11) said.

   The team discussed that although they made mistakes in the game, they can always improve them and focus on new challenges for future games.

   “For the future games, we just have to keep preparing, be confident and know that each person has a job, and if each person does that job, we will win,” Mularski said.