Q&A: Tony Flowers Jr. (12)


The formal court stands on stage waiting for the king and queen results. Tony Flowers (12) won formal king.

Brenna Polovina, Print Staff

   Q: What preparation went in to becoming formal king?

   A: “Well you always have to be prepared no matter what but I just spread the word through Instagram and Snapchat and just told all the people I’m close to or talk to just to spread the word because I really wanted to be king, I wanted to win so badly. The other reason why was because I’m nice to a lot of people so they had the courtesy to vote for me which I’m very lucky to be there formal king.”


   Q: Why do you think you wanted to win so badly?

   A: “Well I never won a single thing from Lake Central so this accomplishment,this award made me feel better as an individual knowing I can do anything. Just put hard work in it and gracefully succeed.”


   Q: Your speech was very inspirational, why did you decide to write about following dreams?

   A: “Well it’s hard as it is to follow your dreams as it is now because people doubt themselves all the time, like should I do it this way,or don’t do it at all. So I wanted to have an inspirational, spiritual and emotional speech to tell my testimony of how dreams can come true just follow them.”


   Q: What are some examples of you following your dreams?

   A: “Personally for me following my dreams is that I always wanted to be in the theater company at school which I am now and now I play a lead role in our musical called Matilda. So that’s one of them.”


   Q: Why do you feel it’s so important for people to follow their dreams?

   A: “It’s important to follow your dreams because no matter you know who you are and your important to embrace yourself. Knowing what your capable of. Don’t let others pick your dream it’s for you to live your life even if it’s a fantasy you can live that fantasy.”


   Q: How did it feel to be crowned king?

   A: “It felt like an award that I would never get. It’s like god was telling me I can do it and just go for it and that’s what I did. When that crown was on my head it was just amazing and I felt powerful.”


   Q: How do you feel that being king will change your future?

   A: “To me it’s just another goal that I made and what I do now is for the future to prepare. So as in this is just another way of me succeeding my goals.”