Best buddies

Lilah Nelson and Lita Nighbert

   Best Buddies is an interactive club where many can meet new friends while trying new activities that spark joy and excitement. Many students choose to join Best Buddies not knowing what it’s all about, but quickly fall in love with it.

   “I didn’t always want to join Best Buddies, I always knew about it since my freshman year, but it really didn’t start interesting me until later. When I first joined I was so excited because it was something very new for me,” Tory Harper (11) said.

   Going into Best Buddies many learn that the students they work with are full of life. Many of the students are bold and want to be constantly learning and pushing themselves with the help of their peers.

   “I definitely didn’t realize how much I loved working with the kids until I was constantly around them everyday. Each day it really brings me joy, so many of my friends say it’s the happiest they’ve ever seen me. To make them happy, as sappy as this sounds, makes me happy,” Chris Szewczyk (12) said.

   Best Buddies often leads students to help with the West Lake games which have been taking place throughout these past couple of weeks. It gives students a chance to be involved in sports that specifically focus on their strengths and their weaknesses. 

   “I think one of my favorite parts is to be apart of the West Lake games, you see them practice everyday, work and be devoted to something everyday, and you see the happiness when they score that shot. We have games Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and if anyone can make it, the support really helps,” Szewczyk said. 

   Many students decide after doing Best Buddies for a year or so to pursue helping special needs students as a profession. Best Buddies has been a part of Lake Central for years and will continue to be.

   “I never thought I would want to make this a full time job, but now I can’t imagine my life not helping these kids. I definitely want to do this as my profession. These kids mean the world to me and I haven’t just helped them, they’ve helped me. I would say this program is the best thing about Lake Central,” Szewczyk said.