JV girls basketball lose to Valpo

Jordan Znosko, Print Staff

  The JV girls basketball team faced the Valpo Vikings on Jan. 24 at home. After the long game, the girls lost 39-47. 

  “Our season is going good as long as we work together to finish out the season well as a team,” Catherine Foster (10) said.

  The team works well together when it comes to passing the ball and helping each other out. During the game, the girls did a good job communicating and holding their ground. 

   “I think we are doing pretty good together, we just have to figure kinks out on defense,” Addison Graf (9) said. 

  The players believe there are always things to improve, the defense being one of them.

   “I play basketball because I love the sport and I love being around the whole team. They’re like my family,” Foster said. 

  The girls are all close and work great together. They tried their best during their game and that’s what counts. The next home game is on Jan. 29, at 5:30 p.m.