“You” opinion story

Mina Cardenas, Print Staff

   I first started watching You after my friend Brooklyn told me about it. When she told me what it was about, I thought it was going to be a typical one season show that wouldn’t really amount to anything. I then realized that the guy that played Lonely Boy in the show Gossip Girl was the main character, which made me want to see the actor (Penn Badgley) in a different role. In Gossip Girl he played a sweet, innocent, trusting boy and I completely expected it to be the same in You

   To my surprise, the character Badgley plays is the complete opposite of the boy we all know and love. The writer of this addicting story clearly wants the audience to have conflicting feelings about the character Badgley plays, Joe Goldberg. He is portrayed as a normal guy that just wants to find someone who loves him.  However, what the audience doesn’t know about until deeper in the story is his dark and obsessive infatuation with Guinevere Beck, the love interest. 

   Throughout the first season, Goldberg goes through many obstacles to get Beck all to himself, including ex-boyfriends, best friends who are secretly in love with Beck and Beck’s own internal conflicts. They finally do end up together right until the very end when Beck finds what Goldberg has been hiding, leading to a plot twist of an ending.

   Overall, the first season of You was very interesting. It made me think of how much people put out about themselves on social media and how easily someone could take advantage of all the information put out on the internet. The whole show had me waiting for what was going to happen next, and I will be watching the second season.