How serious is the Coronavirus?


Getty Images/iStockphoto

The coronavirus outbreak is stirring up panic in the media leaving people across the globe scared for their lives. The virus has spread from country to country with two confirmed cases in Chicago.

Mia Martinez, Social Media Editor

As of Thursday, Jan. 30 there are “more than 8,200 coronavirus cases [that have] been confirmed across the world,” according to CNBC. This means that the coronavirus has surpassed the former SARS coronavirus which was identified in 2003. The virus is airborne which means it can be spread from touching an infected person to a simple cough, or sneeze. So just how serious is this issue? It is very serious for the people of Wuhan who have been affected by the virus. Being the origin country of the sickness it will of course spread fast. The virus is currently spreading from country to country as people travel from China to their home countries. NBC news reported that “six people have now been diagnosed with the new coronavirus in the U.S., two each in Illinois and California, and one each in Arizona and Washington state.” The virus is indeed serious but not in the same sense that many are making it out to be. During a time of mass fear, some may take it as a chance to let xenophobia take over. The normalization of racism towards asians is nothing new in our society. From small jokes to the newly added Coronavirus jokes, people are letting their ignorance get the best of them. According to an article by the Daily Mail, “bystanders reportedly refused to give CPR to a Chinese man who had a heart attack and died over fears he had coronavirus.” Although the virus is a concerning issue, many have overreacted about the issue at hand leaving even more lives at stake. Hopefully with the advancement of a vaccine the whole mess that the coronavirus is will be cleared up.