Soccer Defeats Portage Indians 1-0


Joshua Crague (12) blocks a Portage opponent from attacking the ball. Throughout the game, Crague made several attempted shots for a goal.

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

On Aug.29, the Varsity Boys Soccer team defeated Portage 1-0, on their home turf. During the second half, Ulises Hernandez (12) scored the only goal.

“I was in the right spot when one of my teammates, Joshua Crague (12), took a nice shot. The keeper bobbled about twice and I was just there to put it away,” Hernandez said.

Before his game winning goal, he decided to perform at the highest level of his ability.

“I [felt] good, I gave my all, I gave my 110% for the coaches. They asked me to keep my head and just keep going and going and trying to get this victory,” Hernandez said.

Although this was not a high scoring event, other tactical aspects seemed to stand out. The team connected their passes well, goalkeeper Timothy Ritchie (12) deflected every goal and several attempts to score were made on the opposing team.

“[The communication] was the best all year. [This was] one of our best games, communication wise,” Adam VanMilligan (12) said.

However, the team does have some areas they are striving to improve.

“We’re just going to continue to work on defensive tactics. That’s our weakest point, but that’s what we’re focusing on. We’re a young team,” VanMilligan said.