Student impressions on Valentine’s Day


Brenna Polovina (10) holds up a cut-out heart. Valentine’s Day is celebrated yearly on Feb. 14.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

   On Feb. 14 every year Valentine’s Day occurs. Traditions of the holiday usually include sharing candies, flowers and gifts with friends, family and loved ones. Opinions of Valentine’s Day vary from enjoying to loathing the day.

   “Valentine’s day is basically stupid, because if you have a significant other you shouldn’t need a single day to express how you feel. You either like them to show it every day or not like them at all,” Zachary Writt (12) said.

   Originally, Valentine’s Day was a festival during the Middle Ages honoring Saint Valentine’s death. The festival’s goal was to bring together others and encourage marriage. Unlike the history of Valentine’s Day, some believe it is not only for couples.

   “I think Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for anyone, regardless of whether you have a significant other or not. Although it’s typically celebrated with a boyfriend or girlfriend, there’s always someone in your life who you can get a gift for and make them feel loved. The holiday has really become centered around couples when it can be about anyone in your life who you love,” Yianna Kouros (12) said.

   Evolving from the traditional Valentine’s Day, today celebration can be commenced in many different ways. Social Media is one way to show feeling toward the others around you.

    “I think [Valentine’s Day] is actually very cute, because couples get creative and love is cute. I’ve been single forever, and unlike everyone else, I don’t mind that I don’t have a date. I like seeing couples be cheesy and show off on social media,” Sarimarie Pama (11) said.

Although there may be love in the air during Valentine’s Day, not all endorse the day. Some recognize the day as just another spot on the calendar.

   “Valentine’s Day for me is just like another day. I don’t really have anything against the day, I just don’t really care for it. If anything, it’s a day to really tell your loved ones how you feel about them,” Alexander James (12) said.