All Stars basketball game


The All-Star starts to get ready to shoot the ball while someone is guarding him. People were cheering on them while he was trying to make his shot.

Colleen Dyra, Print Staff

   The LC All star game players fought hard to play with the Crown Point Bulldogs; they had a great crowd to keep cheering them on. They were all so excited and were ready to play with each other and had great sportsmanship with each other. 

   “My favorite time within a game is when there would be an athlete going up for a shot and misses, and the other team would rebound and give it back so they have another chance to score,” Sophia Birlson (12) said. 

   These players have fun bringing in positivity and energy to the court. The All Stars are always supporting and having great sportsmanship with each other.  They are always trying their best by giving other players chances and cheering on each other when they make a basket or make a really great play. 

   “The atmosphere that these athletes get to play in is so positive. All spectators will cheer, regardless of what team scored and that just makes me so happy,” Birlson said. 

   The athletes bring people happiness and inclusiveness to fans and other players too. They also bring inspiration to other people that they could do anything that they are able to do. The friendships on the team are very important to the players because the athletes and other leaders look up to one another which is very special to them. 

   “As I was able to take a student leadership position, I was able to not only make close friendships with athletes but the other student helpers as well,” Birlson said.