Q&A: Clarissa Moreno (10)


Clarissa Moreno (10) involves herself in many clubs, including Sophomore Class Cabinet and her own youth group. She managed her time by prioritizing different clubs before others.

Jona Rivera, Print Staff

Q: What clubs are you in and what do you do in your clubs?

A: “I’m in Sophomore Class Cabinet, N-Teens, Dollars for Scholars, Academic Letter Winners, the Principal Advisory Team, St. Baldrick’s and my youth group. In these clubs I mainly do volunteer work for the school and around the community.”


Q: What makes you want to join clubs/why do you think it’s important for others to join clubs?

A: “I like joining clubs because I get to hang out with my friends and have fun. It is also nice to give back to the community and the school while building a resume for college applications. I think others should join clubs to not just look good for college or jobs, but to get to know other people and have fun doing something they like.”


Q: How do clubs affect your personal life and views?

A: “Clubs definitely keep me busy and active in my community. They help me see what a difference a little help can make for setting up events, taking down events or just helping teachers out.”


Q: What do you contribute to your clubs?

A: “For clubs like N-Teens, Dollars for Scholars and St Baldrick’s, I basically just help out where I’m needed and sign up for volunteer opportunities.”


Q: What leadership roles do you have and what do you do?

A: “For Sophomore Class Cabinet, I am one of the co-presidents. This means that I help come up with what we say during meetings, run the meetings and get our donation drive running.”


Q: How do you use your position to help/influence people?

A: “I use my position to keep others updated about upcoming meetings or meetings they’ve missed. I also try my best to get others to join Class Cabinet and try to keep them coming back for the years to come.”


Q: What has been your favorite activity/volunteer opportunity?

A: “My favorite volunteer opportunity was helping with Winter Formal. I passed out favors at the end of the dance and helped take down decorations. It was fun because I got to work and hang out with my friends.”


Q: Is it difficult leading an entire group of people? Why?

A: “It is a little difficult staying organized with leading others. There’s a lot going on with Class Cabinet right now, but my other officers and I have been able to keep up.”


Q: How do you hope people feel by your leadership skills?

A: “I hope that other people feel comfortable enough to ask me questions and give me suggestions on how I can do things better. I’m always up for listening to others, and I hope that they share their ideas with me.”


Q: How do you manage your time?

A: “Managing my time has always been kind of difficult with the clubs, school and homework. This year has been a little bit easier because my meetings are often on different days. However, I have had to sacrifice certain meetings for others in the past. I have to prioritize each club by the importance of the club and the specific meeting I’m attending.”