Phil’s friends sophomore class cabinet meeting

Jackson Novak, Design Editor

   The Sophomore Class Cabinet held an informational meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Members of the club have been anticipating another visit to Phil’s Friends, a donation center for cancer fighters in Crown Point.

   “Phil’s Friends is a great way to help out cancer fighters in need. You can make monetary donations or donate things such as hygiene products or toiletries,” Mrs. Allison Peda, English, said.

   The meeting started off with the officers reading off the contact information. The Sophomore Class Cabinet has many social media pages, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and a Remind App service. 

   “We have created social media accounts across all websites to get word out about the cabinet and promote our events or outings. Most of our usernames involve Class of 22,” Noelle Quiroga (10) said.

   An important point in the meeting was an announcement about an outing to Phil’s Friends on March 7, 2020. Sophomore Class Cabinet is a supporter of their organization and has previously planned outings to the Crown Point location.

   “We had a great turnout at the last trip we took to Phil’s Friends. A lot of people showed up and we got to package and donate a lot of items to the organization,” Clarissa Moreno (10) said.

   The meeting came to an end by announcing after school plans to create and hang up posters around the school for Phil’s Friends. Along with donating and helping, the Sophomore Class Cabinet is making efforts to branch out information about Phil’s Friends to other clubs at Lake Central and the student body.

   “Personally, I’m excited to make signs for Phil’s Friends. I like making posters to hang around the school. Phil’s Friends promotes something important and it’s good that we’re spreading that word,” Pia Lopez (10) said.