Following history

Brian Scott, Copy Editor

   The History Club meets every Friday in Mr. Clark’s room, Room C313. History Club covers topics that happened around the time of the meeting and organizes the Veterans Day program.

   “Today’s meeting was about Malcom X because it was the anniversary of his death and we like to do current topics,” club president Mya Bell (12) said.

   The History Club is in charge of organizing the Veterans Day assembly. The assembly is around Veterans Day each year to honor service members with a breakfast and school gathering in the gym.

   “I really enjoyed it because of the whole Veterans Day assembly and I felt really connected and appreciated,” club officer Gianni Ditola (11) said.

   History Club encourages anyone to join who is interested in history or helping with the Veterans Day assembly. According to Bell and Ditola, it is fun and enjoyable and easy to attend.

   “I think other people should join History Club because it’s fun and there’s quick meetings and it’s not really a big commitment and a lot of people enjoy it,” Ditola said.