Q&A: McKenzie Schilling (11)


McKenzie Schilling (11) takes photos for the school and connects with the teams’ players by sending out the photos to friends and family. Schilling also posts on her public photography account on Instagram to spread her photos around to others.

Eden Schilling, Print Staff

Q: What made you want to start taking pictures of the teams here at LC?

A: “I am personally in sports and I know other people want to see their own pictures competing, so I involved myself in that.”


Q: What types of games do you go to? 

A: “I go to football games, track meets, hockey games, basketball games and a few others.”


Q: Do you go in your free time or do you try and go to as many as you can?

A: “I like to go to watch sports in my free time because I am in LC track and an outside softball league, so it’s super cool to experience being a spectator for other sports.”


Q: What do you do with the pictures? 

A: “I post the pictures to my photography account on Instagram and I also send them to whatever players I take pictures of so they can have them.”


Q: Would you ever think of joining pub or doing the pictures for the school?

A: “I dreamed of joining pub my freshman year all the way until now, but my main focus is my family and friends, academics and of course sports, so pub would be too much to add to my plate.  Plus, I like to take pictures that I want to take/pictures that I’m in the mood to take. I don’t like to be forced to take a certain picture. I feel it doesn’t allow me to use my imagination as much.”