Q&A: Sophia Perkovich(10)


Sophia Perkovich (10) smiles for her portrait. Perkovich has been involved in the theater program since 6th grade and has continued throughout high school.

John Sanchez, Photo Editor

 Q:What is your description of theater as a whole?

A: “Theater is like an extracurricular activity where people come together to show their acting talents and other production and behind the scenes skills in order to create a full production that showcases all of those elements.”


Q:When did you start participating in the theater program?

A: “I started participating in the theater program in 6th grade because of my neighbor who was doing theater. I was intrigued with it and she wrote my monologue, which landed me the role of Scarecrow in the production of Oz. Since that moment, I fell in love with it, and in high school started to learn the production side of the process and developed a passion for that as well.”


Q:What is your niche in the program?

A: “I mainly do behind the scene work and specifically costumes. In costumes we design the characters’ clothing based on their personality traits and other elements. Doing costumes has brought out more of my creative side and has introduced me to people who will become life-long friends.”


Q:What part is the most fun for you?

A: “The most fun part for me is getting to see how everything comes together. When you work on a show you see the effort it takes for each individual element. It is so cool to see how everything comes together and it is so fun to work with all the different people.”


Q:What productions have you been a part of so far?

A: “In middle school I was part of two productions, Oz and Comic Book Artist. I acted in both of those productions. In high school I have been a part of Yellow Boat, Women and War and Matilda. In all of these productions, I have done costumes.”