Q&A: Alysha Wenglarz (10)


Alysha Wenglarz (10) has become an expert at time management. Though she is in a time-consuming sport, she still manages to complete her large homework load every night, and is working toward an honors diploma.

Alayna Wilkening, Comet Editor-in-Chief

Q:What extracurriculars and honors/AP classes are you in?

A: “I’m in colorguard/winterguard, AP Psychology and English Honors.”


Q: Approximately how much time do you spend at guard practice a week?

A: “On average, I spend about 18 and a half hours at practice every week.”


Q: What does a normal day look like to you?

A: “I wake up and go to school, then I stay after school and wait for practice to start.  I usually get Jimmy John’s during that time. I practice before practice starts and then practice with everyone else during practice.  Then, I go home, do homework, eat, shower and go to sleep.”


Q: How much time do you usually spend on homework a day?

A: “I spend at least 2 hours on homework every night.”


Q: How do you manage your schedule?

A: “I get my work done as soon as I can.”


Q: What has been the hardest activity to manage in your daily life?

A: “Guard has been hard because I’ve been constantly working to improve, but school is tough too because I have to make sure I keep my grades up.”


Q: Is there anything you wish you had more time to do throughout the day?

A: “I wish I had more time to sleep and hang out with friends.”


Q: How do you feel about your schedule?

A: “I feel like my schedule’s pretty hectic, but I do a pretty good job of keeping it together.”


Q: What advice would you give to people looking to balance their extracurricular and academic challenges?

A: “My advice to people is to know your limits and that it’s good to push yourself, but I know at the beginning of the year I was really struggling to balance my workload because I was taking higher level classes and guard.  Then I dropped one of the higher level classes that I was really struggling [with]. That’s just an example of knowing your limits, but you should also keep pushing yourself.”