Review: Cheer


Cheer shows the bond of not only a team, but a family, as they compete for their goal of winning the Daytona Beach College Nationals. The show documented how hard the team worked every practice.

Luke Hamilton, Print Staff

   The first episode of Cheer came out on Jan. 8, 2020. The show follows the Navarro cheer team as they prepare nonstop for their competition in Daytona, Florida. The show has six episodes that are about one hour each. 

   Cheer truly shows the toll that cheerleaders take on their bodies. It reveals how you must have a good relationship with your partners to be able to have a good sense of trust in one another. However, it is not just pain. No matter how many times the cheerleaders fall, they get back up every time and persevere for one another to accomplish their goals.

   Navarro college, a school in Texas, is known for its competitive cheerleading. People from all backgrounds gather to pursue a win at Daytona. Watchers of the show are able to follow not only the whole cheer team, but specifically cheerleaders La’Darius Marshall, Morgan Simianer, Jerry Harris, Gabi Butler and Lexi Brumback. Viewers watch Monica Aldama, the coach of the team, push her students further and further each day to achieve their goals as not only a team, but as a family. 

   The show covers specific members from the team throughout the six episodes. Each cheerleader has a certain issue from their past or present that they are dealing with. Cheer shows the stress Butler faces with trying to hold her image as a star cheerleader, but also the tight grasp that her family has on her life. Throughout the show, Morgan Simianer speaks out about her difficult relationship with her mother and father. She talks about her poor living conditions before her grandmother and grandfather took her in. Brumback deals with not feeling included with the team at times. Brumback also describes how it can be difficult to stay out of trouble while being on the team. The show reveals Harris’s loving cheer family that took him in after family issues. It shows how love and care can shape a person into someone positive. Marshall speaks out about difficulties in his past and how it has made him into what he is today. All of these difficulties that these cheerleaders have faced help to show the effect that a team like Navarro can improve plenty of people, no matter what background they came from.