On the Right Track

Justyce Reed and Emily Prince

   On Wednesday, Mar. 11, the boys track team had an indoor meet at Lake Central against Crown Point. This was mainly a JV meet with a few Varsity runners, the boys ended up losing to Crown Point. Each boy improved in their events and fought hard through different challenges. The JV team is full of new runners, jumpers and throwers. For some athletes it is their first time on track, so they have to  learn different techniques and gain physical strength. Training is a huge requirement if you want to improve in any event.  

   “I am very competitive and always looking to improve myself physically and mentally. In track I can use my size and athletic ability to its full potential and that’s what I plan on doing until the end of it,” Jaelin McCall (12) said. 

   Each athlete faced a few setbacks in their meets, whether that would be not making the jump to wiping out during a race. Getting in the right mindset during a meet is a crucial part of any sport, especially one that requires every muscle in your body. Christopher Lowe’s (12) legs gave out during the relay race. He got right back up and pushed through the pain and in the end no one had passed him. 

   “Sliding on the ground wasn’t the greatest, at first I thought I was going to be passed up by everyone who was behind me because I didn’t know how close or far behind anyone was from me. I was able to pick myself up pretty quickly and I didn’t drop the baton so I wasn’t disqualified. I think the adrenaline is what mainly kept me going. I didn’t really know I was hurt until after,” Lowe said.