Putting on a Show

Alison Irace, Print Staff

This year, Lake Central put on the production of Matilda the Musical. Students worked hard to prepare their roles for opening night. 

“I played Matilda Wormwood. It was difficult to learn the lines and the dancing. There’s a lot that goes into it, like memorizing where I had to be at what times and what scenes. The lines were definitely the hardest part though,” Cassandra Morgan (11) said. 

Although the actors received a certain part, they didn’t necessarily know what part they wanted ahead of time. Students do a general audition, and then they may get a callback to read for a certain part. 

“This year, we learned some songs and then we go in groups and sing the song and then we go individually. Then usually they do a big cut and then we eat dinner, so they send about half of the people home. And then after dinner we do acting auditions, sometimes we do dancing auditions,” Morgan said. 

Though a lot of actors and actresses who are a part of theater take theater courses at LC, not all students do. Some students are new to theater this year. 

“I played Tommy, he was a schoolboy. The hardest part was learning how to act. I have never really been a part of theater before, this is my first year,” Grayson Hill (12) said. 

Through the rehearsal process, students work very closely together. Because they spend so much time together, they end up forming strong friendships. 

“My favorite part about being in theater is definitely the people I’ve met. They made it worth it. With this being my first year in theater, it was intimidating, but they made it comforting,” Hill said.