Review: The Invisible Man


The Invisible Man is a mystery/sci-fi movie that shows a woman’s journey to revealing her invisible ex-boyfriend. She went to extreme lengths to prove her innocence of crimes he committed.

Alyssa Klimowski, Print Staff

   The Invisible Man is a movie about Cecilia Kass and her attempts to escape her ex-boyfriend, Adrian Griffin. Griffin is an intelligent scientist who figured out how to turn invisible. Once Kass leaves him, he uses this “power” to stalk her. He invades her privacy and makes her life miserable. 

   This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I watched between my fingers as objects moved without a body attached. I made the terrible decision to watch by myself and grew very paranoid after. I bolted to my car and locked my doors immediately.

   This movie doesn’t seem like the typical scary movie because it isn’t. In an ever-changing world, this situation could actually happen. Abuse and stalking take place every day and this movie adds the element of invisibility, which makes it scarier in my opinion. When you can’t see a threat, it makes it even more difficult to beat. 

   On top of that, you are constantly second guessing the narrator. After seeing so many different horror movie tropes, I had decided early on that the narrator could be unreliable. It was refreshing to see a strong female lead be sure of what was happening. She believed what she saw and stuck by it, even when nobody believed her. 

   My only problem with this movie is the lack of reasoning behind it. It all started with Kass leaving Griffin but we’re not sure why. Later on, we are led to believe that she was abused by him, but we don’t see their relationship before she left. This makes it really hard to sympathise with the protagonist and hate the antagonist.

   Overall, I think it was a great movie that I would definitely watch again. I’m sure there were many things I missed with my eyes covered that I would love to see again. However, I definitely recommend going with a buddy to hang on to.