Learning Sign Language

Elizabeth Sulek, Print Staff

   The Sign Language club had a meeting after school on Wednesday, March 11. The leader, Delanie Flynn (12), showed attendees how to sign a variety of words.

   “I joined the club because I want to be a nurse and knowing ASL might help me communicate with a variety of patients in the future. I think people should make an effort to learn any language they have the opportunity to learn,” Tatum Murawski (12) said.

   Murawski enjoys the club and sees how learning sign language can help her future. She also believes that anyone could benefit from learning this language.

   “[The school] is huge and there are several students who communicate in sign language, so it’s definitely useful. You never know when ASL might come in handy,” Murawski said.

   The club has allowed Murawski to communicate with others that use sign language as their main way of communication.

   “I went to a medical sign language class outside of the club and one person who was also attending was deaf. I was able to ask her questions and understand her response. It was awesome,” Murawski said.