Don Toliver Album Review


Don Toliver released his debut album, Heaven or Hell, on March 13, 2020. Toliver’s album was released by record label Cactus Jack Records.

Yousef Nammari, Social Media Editor

   One of Cactus Jack’s artists released his debut album on March 13, 2020. Don Toliver, another Houston rapper like Travis Scott, has released numerous mixtapes prior to this album. It wasn’t until two years ago that Scott discovered Toliver’s musical abilities and signed him to his record label, Cactus Jack Records. Toliver also made an appearance on Scott’s recent studio album, Astroworld. Toliver and Scott’s voices harmonized together perfectly on one of Astroworld’s tracks, “Can’t Say.” 

   Toliver’s album, Heaven or Hell wasn’t as hyped up as I expected. Toliver and Scott posted pictures of the album’s cover, but never mentioned who would feature on the album. This album had 12 tracks on it. The last track, “No Idea,” was released on May 29, 2019. This single made the Billboard Hot 100 debuting at No. 68. The album was a Travis Scott album remastered. It had all of Scott’s melodies and mixing secrets in every song. I personally noticed that Scott worked on most, if not all, of the tracks just by how they each sounded.

   My favorite tracks on the album were “Heaven or Hell Intro,” “Candy,” “Cardigan,” “Spaceship” and “No Photos.” A track on the album I didn’t like was “Euphoria.” “Euphoria” featured Kaash Paige and Travis Scott. At first, I thought I would like this track because Scott features on it. But the track is very slow and not upbeat, unlike Scott’s other features.  After listening to the whole album, I noticed how slow the tracks on the album were. It was a very slow, melodic album, which I think was different from the other Cactus Jack artist’s music. I recommend this album to anybody wanting to get into Toliver’s music!