Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan Review


Niall Horan returns with his 2nd studio album, Heartbreak Weather. This album shows Horan’s feelings throughout the course of his new relationship.

Mackenzie Guthrie, Print Staff

Niall Horan, famous singer, just released his 2nd studio album Heartbreak Weather on March 13. Horan reveals what it is like to go through the phases of love, lust, breakups and everything in between. The story Horan shares throughout the songs shows his real and raw emotions.

Horan opens up the album with the title track, where he talks about the loneliness he feels about the situation he is in, to falling in love and watching the start of a relationship bloom. This upbeat song follows the path of Horan’s love life and what this relationship means to him and his significant other.

Horan’s Heartbreak Weather also contains multiple other upbeat songs besides the title track. These songs include “Black and White,” “Nice to Meet Ya” and “Arms Of a Stranger.” All of these songs have powerful lyrics and beats that Horan uses to tell the story of his love life. These tracks deal with the ups and downs of his relationship.

Along with the upbeat songs, there is also a great deal of slow songs where Horan describes the pain of his relationship. Horan’s true feelings shine through in the slow songs such as “Put A Little Love On Me,” “San Francisco” and “Bend the Rules.”  The true emotions that Horan feels due to his significant other are painful and real, and he wanted to share those feelings with the world. Horan held nothing back when writing the songs for his album. He described every emotion he felt throughout it all.

Horan had no feature artists on his new album. Horan did not need another artist to sing his emotions and feelings for him. His vocals and lyrics made a powerful impact on him, and he did not need others’ help for the album.

From auditioning in a singing competition on The X Factor, to becoming a very well-known and liked pop star, Niall Horan has risen to the top.  The album Heartbreak Weather proves the fact that Horan is a talented individual with the gift of singing.  

Heartbreak Weather shows the true emotions and meanings behind the person that Niall Horan is today. Each song represents a feeling that Horan has felt throughout the course of his blossoming relationship, and how he has learned to love through the good and the bad. The difficulty that Horan has faced with his significant other shows his passion and loyalty throughout the course of his new album.