The Weeknd’s After Hours Album Review


The Weeknd’s After Hours album was released on March 20, 2020. This was his fourth studio album.

Taylor Anderson, Print Staff

   Fans’ anticipation for the newest studio album from The Weeknd has been building ever since his 2016 album Starboy and 2018 EP release “My Dear Melancholy.” The After Hours album finally dropped on March 20, 2020 following the promotional singles “Heartless,” “Blinding Lights” and “After Hours.” The 14-track album followed the sonical path of the promotional singles as The Weeknd employed a mix of R&B and pop influences throughout the project. 

   The Canadian-born singer has been known for his heavily-produced and intense tracks in the past, and this album is no different. While that remains true, this time around The Weeknd has delved much more deeply into the sounds of different musical eras in order to include a variety of influences and expand his personal sound, particularly with 80s synth-pop.

   While the majority of the album centers around The Weeknd’s most recent heartbreak, After Hours is more than just a breakup album. The album tells the story of the singer finding out who he is as a person in the process of getting over someone he loves. The relationship forced him to be creative and practice self-reflection, and it shows in his songs.

   To me, this album feels like it should be the soundtrack to a dramatic movie because of its theatrical and narrative traits. My favorite songs from the album include “Save Your Tears,” “Heartless” and “In Your Eyes,” and I think that these will definitely be songs that remain on my playlists for a while.

   The Weeknd continues to take risks with his music and constantly reinvents himself with his different projects. Anyone that has liked his previous music will be able to appreciate how he has grown and evolved as an artist over time. This album sounds like him, and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.