Opinion: E-Learning Might Not Be As Bad As It Seemed


Isabella Villarreal, Print Staff

   The number of COVID-19 virus cases is growing significantly by the day. From the first of March to now, the number of cases jumped from 88,585 to 275,741. Because of this fast-growing virus, schools across America have been shut down, pushing kids to continue their learning electronically. This new e-learning work base is new to a lot of students and was also seen as an issue due to some students not having access to a computer or library. To solve this issue, schools like Lake Central gave out their own supply of laptops and devices to those students. But seeing how we are stuck doing e-learning for a while, why not look at the positives.

   To my surprise, I’ve found myself really enjoying that the e-learning allows me to work at my own pace. Yes, my teachers do have deadlines and due dates for the assignments, but for the most part they give me pretty much all day to do my work and really process what we’re learning. In school I felt like everything ran on time and the teachers were left cramming a lesson and giving out worksheets during a 90-minute period. On that note, everything is organized well onto one app and everything is easy to submit. My teachers have asked for picture submission of work and simple emails of our work, and I’ve found this much easier than trying to keep track of worksheets and teachers accidentally misplacing work.

   The best part of it all has to be that I get to do the e-learning in the comfort of my own home and bed. No more waking up at insane hours to sit at a cold desk. I like that I can wake up at a reasonable hour and start my work without even having to get ready or get up. It doesn’t only stop there, I can access e-learning anywhere. If I wanted to spend my “Coronacation” at a friend’s house I can still get my work done there, too. It’s no longer on a schedule but on my time. To me, that’s the biggest pro of online learning.

   Overall I don’t think e-learning is bad at all and I almost prefer it over normal school. I’ve found it easier to comprehend my classes and finish my work in an organized manner in comfort with no distractions. What can get better than that?