Q&A with student worker Tyler Goncher (11) affected by COVID-19


With the spread of the COVID-19, many student workers have been forced to work less hours than they have been or in some cases not be able to work at all. Tyler Goncher (11) shared how he has been affected by COVID-19.

Delanie Flynn, Print Staff

Q: How has COVID-19 affected you personally?

A: “COVID-19 has not affected my life very much, only with me trying to get in and out of any store, but everyone is going crazy. However, I do have two grandparents who are having to stay inside so they don’t get it.”


Q: How has the virus affected your place of business?

A: “The virus has affected my place of business a lot. I work at Zig-E’s Funland, and as you can imagine, we are always sanitizing. Business has also been really slow.”


Q: Has your place of business made any alterations to how they operate? If so, how have those changes affected you?

A: “We have made changes to our business which really is not in my favor. I was getting 11+ hours a week, which was good based on the days I was able to work, but now I am getting none or am being placed ‘on call.’”


Q: What do you foresee for your place of business in the near future?

A: “I see my workplace completely shutting down due to the amount of germs that are there due to all of the hands on stuff. I do want to say again, however, we sanitize everything every 30 minutes.”


Q: Do you have any tips for customers during this time?

A: “Some tips I have would be to try to stay home as much as possible because you may not be able to get very sick from the virus, but you may become a carrier. You don’t want any loved ones to get this virus and have to suffer from it.” 


Q: How do you think this experience will shape you?

A: “This experience is a very different type of thing that I don’t think I will ever experience again. My family said that this rarely happens and it is very interesting to see how we take it.”


Q: How do you plan on making up for lost money?

A: “I plan on babysitting around the neighborhood. I live in a neighborhood full of kids, and I know they will be home for a while.”


Q: Anything else you would like to add about being a student worker during this time?

A: “It is very stressful because now there is no source of income coming in and it is very scary.”