Spencer Confidential Review


This is a story of ex-cop, Spenser, investigating the murder of two cops. Spenser fought many people and struggled to keep those around him safe while trying to find the bad guys.

Annaliese Nelson, Print Staff

   Spenser Confidential came out on Netflix on March 6, 2020, starring Mark Wahlberg as the main character, Spenser. This movie starts with ex-cop Spenser being released from prison, the only thing on his mind is his plan to leave Boston and become a truck driver. Instead of things going as planned, he gets roped into investigating two cops who had just been killed in hopes of bringing justice to them. 

   The beginning of this movie was action-packed but confusing. I didn’t understand what was happening and the plot didn’t make much sense. As the movie progresses everything starts to make more sense and come together. Spenser recruits Hawk, his roommate at his mentor’s house, played by Winston Duke to help him investigate what actually happened to the dead cops. As their investigation goes on, Spenser gets in many fights with drug dealers and gang members. 

   This movie contains a lot of fighting scenes and violence, but also comic relief showed through Spenser, Hawk, Spenser’s mentor and Spenser’s ex-girlfriend Cissy, played by Iliza Shlesinger. Once Spenser gets a lead on what actually went down the night of the murders he starts to move in on his old work partner. The movie nears its end with a fight against the murderer and the others working with him. 

   Spenser Confidential is an unusual movie but it didn’t grab my attention enough. The fight scenes were the most interesting thing about this movie. The plot didn’t make a lot of sense and could have been portrayed better. The filming was good but also could have been better. I was surprised to see Mark Wahlberg cast in this movie, but he played his part well. 

   Overall, I would rate this movie a three out of five because it didn’t make a lot of sense and wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. This movie would be best for mature audiences since it is rated R and there are scenes containing sexual activity and violence.