Q&A: Carter Doorn (11)


Mia Born

Q: How has the coronavirus changed baseball season? Are you upset that it had to go this way?

A: “The Coronavirus has changed the baseball season in many ways. The season is cancelled now which is really disappointing and very upsetting, but there is only so much we can do as players. We prepared the best we could and this happened to be the outcome that nobody wanted but was the one we got. I would say that I am upset that the season had to go this way. The boys and I were really looking forward to playing and competing. We have all worked really hard and prepared for this season to come and for us to not be able to play the season at all is really sad and upsetting.” 


Q: Does this affect you for college in any way?

A: “This personally does not affect my college in any way with playing baseball at Purdue or really any of the juniors in general from the college aspect I would say. But, on the other hand I would say that it affects that senior class much more. Your senior high school season is really the last one you play before college and it is really the last look that colleges get to have before they make a decision, so with the seniors not getting to play makes myself and a lot of the other players really sad that they will possible miss out on this opportunity that they have here especially with how good of a team that we had expectations for.”


Q: Do you feel like preseason was a waste since you can’t play this season? 

A: “I do not feel like preseason was a waste at all. The whole squad worked very hard to better every aspect of their game. Everyone made strides in their own aspects and better themselves in multiple different ways throughout the preseason, and even though the season is cancelled, those progressions will not go to waste. The reward for the sacrifice that was put in will be seen later than when we all wanted to see it come, but the most important thing is that everyone has made their own strides.”


Q: Are you doing anything to stay in shape? 

A: “With the closure of everything among everything, staying in shape and training has been harder. But, this is no exception to quit and stop the training and lose what you have gained within the offseason. So even with the added complications of training, I know that most of us are finding a way to do it. From, using weights we have at home, to finding a field around town to go throw and run. Coach Mike Swartzentruber has also sent us workouts that we can go do in our yard or someplace similar. With the virus, it only gave people another excuse to work and better their craft. The ones who want it the most will always find a way.”


Q:Anything else about how this virus is affecting you?

A: “The virus has really not affected myself or personally at all. I just hope for the best for every one and hope that it gets resolved as best and as soon as possible.”