Celebrating Easter


Families are getting ready to celebrate Easter on April 12. This year will be more challenging with the COVID-19 breakout.

Jordan Znosko, Print Staff

  Students and families all celebrate Easter differently. Easter this year is on Sunday, April 12. Typically, students have their set traditions of getting together and spending the holiday with their family. 

  “I normally celebrate with my family and we all get together and spend time with one another,” Caden Cooper (12) said.

  Some students carry specific traditions with their families year-to-year. Some Easter traditions can include opening Easter baskets, eating certain foods and going to church. 

  “We usually go to church in the morning, then go to breakfast with my dad,” McKenzie Flynn (11) said.

  This year Easter is definitely going to be different for everyone. With the coronavirus going around, the governor issued a statewide stay-at-home order for the state of Indiana. This means people are not supposed to be traveling to see other family members. It is also suggested that people should be social distancing during this time. These orders from the government are changing a lot of families’ plans for Easter.

  “We normally have friends and family come over for dinner but this year it’ll just be us six,” Avery Parks (11) said.

  During these unusual circumstances, families are struggling to create plans for this Easter. It is already hard enough to visit family and friends and this pandemic is just making it more complicated. Families are canceling trips and rethinking what they can do this holiday. 

  “Honestly, I have no idea what we’re going to do considering we were supposed to go to Virginia Easter weekend to see my brother’s baby. Plans will be completely different since we can’t go anymore,” Flynn said.

  Most families have their own traditions they do every year for the holidays. During this challenging time, families are being forced to replan their Easter.