Q&A: Patrick Irace (9)


Patrick Irace (9) plays video games during the corona break to keep himself busy. Irace has been struggling a little bit, as most are, to find things to do during this global pandemic.

Alison Irace, Print Staff

Q: How did corona ruin the end of your freshman year?

A:  “This whole situation really sucks. I wish I could’ve hung out with my friends a little more. I don’t like that this is how the school year is ending, but it is what it is.”


Q: What’s your life like now that we aren’t in school anymore?

A: “It’s not bad. I feel like I get work done surprisingly quicker and I have more time to relax and do more things for fun.”


Q: What’s your e-learning like? Do you like it?

A: “E-learning hasn’t been that bad. It’s been easier than real school. I get my work done easier and quicker. I would say I like it.”


Q: What have you been doing to keep you busy?

A: “I’ve mostly been playing video games to keep myself busy. Sometimes I hang out with my family or go ride my bike outside, but usually it’s just video games.”


Q: Do you like not having school or do you wish you could go back? Why?

A: “I wish I could go back to school. I really want to see my friends again.”


Q: Have you been social distancing?

A: “Yes, I have been social distancing. It’s been a little hard because I get bored easily, but I can find distractions.”