Review: Secret Obsession


Secret Obsession is a psychological thriller. The film was released in 2019 on Netflix starring Brenda Song.

Kiley Szatkowski, Business Manager

   Secret Obsession came out to Netflix on July 18, 2019. The movie began as newlywed Jennifer (Brenda Song) was brutally attacked at a dark rest stop and hit by an oncoming car. When Jennifer awakes and is healing from her injuries, she does not end up recalling anything from her past, including the ordeal. This then leads to a train of unfortunate events. 

   Jennifer’s husband, Russell Williams (Mike Vogel) comes into the hospital bursting through the doors and is devastated that she is in a coma. It takes days for her to wake up, and when she does, she has amnesia. The only thing she recalls is who she is and who her parents are, but no memory of Russell and no memory of how she got in the hospital. Russell explains to her how they met at work, shows her a photo book of their past memories and reminds her that her parents died in a fire two years ago.

   Meanwhile during this time, county detective Frank Page (Dennis Haysbert), who still buys birthday presents for his daughter who went missing a decade ago, questions Russell in the hospital, and becomes very suspicious about the circumstances surrounding where she was found and Russell’s initial story. 

   After weeks of recovery and rehab for Jennifer, Russell brings her to a secluded mansion in the woods that he says has been in the family for a while. Frank calls to set up a time when Jennifer can talk about the accident, but Russell never says anything to her. When Jennifer starts to notice little things and gets flashbacks she becomes very worried and suspicious.  The more suspicious Jennifer gets, the more Russell reveals his true self to her. And that self isn’t exactly who we think he is.