Money Heist Review


Money Heist is a series that carries out what should be impossible. The series is available on Netflix.

Jeanoa Cameron, Print Staff

   After being released on Netflix, Money Heist has become one of the most popular series on the platform. We’ve all seen the typical heist show or movie, but this one is like no other. This series goes into detail of the thought process and actions that must be taken to pull off a heist in a place you’ll least expect, a museum.  

   At the beginning of the series, a man called “The Professor” gathers a crew, each with a specific skill. The Professor sets rules to his crew to ensure that his plan will not be compromised. Each member is given a city name so that they don’t know each other’s real identity. The Professor then teaches the crew a plan that he’s come up with over his entire life and his crew has five months to learn. 

   The crew starts by breaking into The Royal Mint of Spain, a museum where money is printed. When the crew originally started the heist, it seemed as if they were going to steal money from vaults and then leave, but this wasn’t the case. The crew planned to stay for 11 days and use the 67 hostages there to print them more money. Meanwhile, the police could not storm in and raid the place because the hostages and the crew were dressed the same, in a red suit and a mask with fake weapons. The police couldn’t tell who the hostages were. 

   The members of the crew didn’t have the intention of hurting any hostages, but some problems did arise. Members of the crew started to form relationships with each other, causing them to look out for each other rather than continue with their business. Hostages began to rise against the crew to escape and members of the crew were lost. In the end, the crew left with $2.4 billion without traces of where they were going next.