A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Review


The beloved Mr. Rogers returns to our screens leaving yet another smile on our faces. This beautiful film left the audience with a new perspective on the world around us.

Lexi Rigg, Print Staff

   A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood came out on Oct. 10, 2019, starring Tom Hanks who plays the beloved Fred Rogers from the famous television show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Rogers makes it his goal to allow children and adults to put their anger and sadness into better forms of expression. In this movie, Rogers focuses on the character of Lloyd Vogel, who came from a tough childhood, and attempts to change his view on the world.

   You may be wondering why it took me this long to watch a movie I am so passionately reviewing. I refused to watch the trailer or any part of the movie because I imagined it would be for little kids and puppets, something I’m not interested in. Being in quarantine has made me desperate enough to watch anything. To my surprise, only three minutes into the film and I was already in love. 

   In the opening scene, you instantly adore Rogers, both his personality as well as Tom Hanks as his actor. Each scene with Rogers put a smile on my face and made me feel the same goal he had his whole life for the people around him. The whole film is a feel-good movie and shows the audience a more positive look on the dark world around them.

   I would rate this movie 4.9 out of 5 stars. Very particular, but the reasoning is the fact that one scene was so utterly strange and different from the rest of the movie. It took away from the maturity of the rest of the film; however, this scene turned out to be a dream to the character, so it makes up for it.

   This movie would be best enjoyed alone or with family in my opinion. Probably not your first choice for a group of friends since there isn’t much action. Even by the end of the movie, Rogers expresses his own anger through a metaphor he expressed earlier in the movie, leaving the viewer feeling his pain.